Annually, dozens of churches join together to give Thanksgiving meal boxes to families in our community.  Through the generosity of churches, businesses and volunteers, we assemble more than 1,000 uncooked, complete Thanksgiving Meal Boxes for local families.

As we pool resources, work with partner businesses and buy in bulk, blessing is multiplied - together we can make the maximum impact!

The week before Thanksgiving, volunteers fill boxes with everything you'd need to make a Thanksgiving meal for a family of six. Youth groups, friends, college athletes, retirees, and others come out for the packing party.  It's a rhythm in our November calendar, and always proves to kick-off the holiday season with blessing.


Thanksgiving Meals Stats:

In 2017, 60 churches + ministries distributed 1,400 Thanksgiving Meal Boxes.

In 2016, churches distributed 1,225 Thanksgiving Meal Boxes.

In 2015, churches distributed 1,200 Thanksgiving Meal Boxes.

In 2012, 2013, and 2014, churches distributed 1,000 Thanksgiving Meal Boxes each year throughout our community!